Guest of a Guest: 8 Perfect Weekend Getaways

Guest of a Guest lists 8 perfect weekend getaways for residents of the New York metropolitan area. Bethel, NY is one, and Catstill Distilling Company is one of the three attractions mentioned, along with Bethel Woods Center for the Arts and Lake Superior.


The Village Voice: “Catskill Distilling Company’s Extraordinary Spirits”


Soft, smooth and straightforward, with flavors of maple, mint and honey.


A trip back to pre-prohibition New York City

The Catskill Distillery took a trip back to pre-prohibition New York City, when the first official NYC Craft Distillers Festival kicked off Saturday, March 29. Over 20 specially curated Craft Distillers joined a 1920’s jazz band at The Bowery Hotel and served tastings over a two session, all-day, all-night speakeasy experience.

This speakeasy event showcased specially-selected, premium craft spirits from incredible craft distilleries.

Over 60 craft spirits were sampled while a 1920’s style jazz band kept the party lively during this one of a kind experience.

Catskill Distillery at the Bowery Hotel from OurName isFarm on Vimeo.


Wine Enthusiast Magazine’s editors choose 7 must-try New York whiskeys – and Catskill Distilling’s Defiant Rye is in the mix, first bottle on the left. They write, “New York distillers are churning out some of the best small-batch whiskey on the planet and impacting the booze industry in a big way. Right now there are close to 30 artisan distilleries from Brooklyn to Buffalo mixing up high-grade hooch. Watch your back, Kentucky, the Yanks are coming. Here are seven must-try bottles from New York..


Eagles of the Upper Delaware in the Wayne Independent

Just in time to celebrate our national birthday, “Eagles of the Upper Delaware – and Other Birds of Prey,” featuring photographs by Jerry Cohen and woodcarvings by guest artist Paul Stark, will open at the Stray Cat Gallery on Route 17B in Bethel on Thursday, July 4, with an opening reception on Friday, July 5 from 4 to 7 p.m


Summer of ’69


1 oz Peace Vodka
1/2 oz Triple-sec
1 oz orange juice
1 oz cranberry juice

Shake together and pour over fresh ice.
Garnish with a lemon.

Maple Old Fashioned

2oz Most Righteous Bourbon
3/4 oz Catskill Mountian Sugar House
Maple Syrup
2 dashes of Bitters

Muddle 1 piece lemon, 1 piece of orange w/ bitters and maple syrup. Add ice, pour 2 ounces of bourbon. Shake quickly; top off with splash of soda water, add cherry for garnish.

Peace, Love and Vodka – Dave’s Travel Corner does a piece on The Distillery

“Directly across the road from where Woodstock took place lies the Catskill Distilling Company. If you’re a fan of strong drink you are in for a treat, because this is where they make the award winning, appropriately named Catskill Mountain Peace Vodka. Visitors can tour the distillery and meet its passionate owner, Monte Sachs, before moving on to the main affair, the tasting” Read more

Dave’s Travel Corner does a piece on The Distillery


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Catskill Distilling Co.
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(845) 583-8569
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Memorial Day to Labor Day:
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