Guest of a Guest: 8 Perfect Weekend Getaways

Guest of a Guest lists 8 perfect weekend getaways for residents of the New York metropolitan area. Bethel, NY is one, and Catstill Distilling Company is one of the three attractions mentioned, along with Bethel Woods Center for the Arts and Lake Superior.


The Village Voice: “Catskill Distilling Company’s Extraordinary Spirits”


Soft, smooth and straightforward, with flavors of maple, mint and honey.


A trip back to pre-prohibition New York City

The Catskill Distillery took a trip back to pre-prohibition New York City, when the first official NYC Craft Distillers Festival kicked off Saturday, March 29. Over 20 specially curated Craft Distillers joined a 1920’s jazz band at The Bowery Hotel and served tastings over a two session, all-day, all-night speakeasy experience.

This speakeasy event showcased specially-selected, premium craft spirits from incredible craft distilleries.

Over 60 craft spirits were sampled while a 1920’s style jazz band kept the party lively during this one of a kind experience.

Catskill Distillery at the Bowery Hotel from OurName isFarm on Vimeo.


One and Only Buckwheat makes Saveur Favorite Whiskey List!

The aptly named One and Only Buckwheat isn’t technically a whiskey (to be called whiskey, it must be distilled from grain, which buckwheat is not), but it deserves a spot on any whiskey aficionado’s shelf. Made from 80% buckwheat, and, as far as I can tell, the only spirit of its kind in the United States, it’s one of those drinks that makes you scratch your head and go back for a second sip. Earthy aromas give way to flavors peppery and sweet, with notes of barley, cane sugar, and vanilla. A weird and wonderful addition to the American craft spirits scene, Buckwheat is best enjoyed straight up and shared with friends who can join you as you speculate on the tasting notes: some fruitcake maybe? Or cereal? – Marshall Bright


Wine Enthusiast Magazine’s editors choose 7 must-try New York whiskeys – and Catskill Distilling’s Defiant Rye is in the mix, first bottle on the left. They write, “New York distillers are churning out some of the best small-batch whiskey on the planet and impacting the booze industry in a big way. Right now there are close to 30 artisan distilleries from Brooklyn to Buffalo mixing up high-grade hooch. Watch your back, Kentucky, the Yanks are coming. Here are seven must-try bottles from New York..


Village Voice: Catskill Distilling #2

The 10 Best Distilleries in NYC(ish)

“2. Catskill Distilling Company, 2037 State Route 17B, Bethel Catskill Distilling Company just keeps raking in awards for its Most Righteous bourbon, Peace vodka, Curious gin, grappa, and buckwheat spirit. A farm distillery located in Sullivan County–a stone’s throw away from the grounds of the Woodstock Music Festival–owner and distiller Dr. Monte Sachs continues to put his heart and soul into making these fine New York spirits, an art he learned in Italy. The distillery is open for tours and you can chill at the bar next door, Dancing Cat Saloon, for more tastes and local brews.” Read more.

Catskill Distilling at Slow Foods Spirits of New York

“The Slow Food Second Annual Spirits of New York event at the Astor Center was so much fun and so a-flowin’ with talent, tasty tipples, and – it’s got to be noted – team spirit. Catskill Distilling Company was there.” Read more.

NYC’s Daily News gives us a shout-out

The Daily News touts the Catskills as a destination, naming the Catskill Distilling Company and Dancing Cat Saloon as a lead attraction. Read more.

From the Edible Hudson 2012-2013 edition

The ancient alchemists of the Middle East referred to the vapors collected in the making of their medicinal tonics as “spirits.” It remains an especially apt word for the ineffable elixirs being conjured up by Monte Sachs, the dedicated craftsman behind the Catskill Distilling Company in Sullivan County, which he owns with wife Stacy Cohen. More than 30 years ago, while attending veterinary school at the University of Pisa in Italy, he learned to make grappa the traditional way from an octogenarian farm worker named Bernardino. After decades of practicing equine medicine in upstate New York, Sachs turned his hand to distilling spirits in small batches, using many of the old-world methods he learned in Italy.

The name of his first product, the award-winning Peace Vodka, launched in 2011 and distilled with water from the Catskill spring thaw, alludes to the distillery’s location in Bethel, New York, across from the site of the original Woodstock festival. It inspired the equally funky monikers of Sachs’s three latest introductions: Most Righteous Bourbon, Wicked White Whiskey and Curious Gin. Whimsical names aside, these spirits merit serious consideration. All are crafted with precision from local grains in beautifully burnished, custom-made copper pot stills and carefully overseen to extract only the essential “heart of hearts” from each distillation. The residual mash from this process is sent to Halloran Family Farm in Callicoon Center, where it feeds a herd of red stag destined for such bastions of fine dining as Blue Hill at Stone Barns.

Peace Vodka received a ringing endorsement from F. Paul Pacult’s Spirit Journal, eliciting descriptors such as “earthy,” “buttery,” “appealingly complex” and “intensely grainy.” Awarded a gold medal in the 2012 New York Food and Wine Classic, it is earning some respect for a spirit shunned over the past few years in favor of its darker and aged brethren. New York City’s Cookshop restaurant in Chelsea utilizes Peace Vodka, combining it with beach plum liqueur and cucumber soda for a refreshing seasonal cocktail they call the “New Cumber.”

Most Righteous Bourbon is a finely balanced tribute to the transformative powers of time and technique on good-quality corn, rye and malt. Sachs worked with the legendary master distiller Lincoln Henderson (of Woodford Reserve fame) to perfect its smooth, spicy flavor.

“Much of the way this whiskey tastes is attributed to my accelerated maturation house,” says Sachs, referring to his specially designed setup that cycles ambient temperatures up to 140 degrees every four to five weeks. “This way I get to drink the good stuff before I die,” jokes the robust 60-year-old.

Wicked White Whiskey is an unaged spirit commonly known as moonshine, but Catskill Distilling Company’s interpretation is a smoother, more sophisticated version than most. Their Curious Gin — which required about 200 gallons worth of experimentation to get the botanicals just right — is a clean, crisp rendition featuring local juniper berries, cucumber, grains of paradise and other artfully balanced aromatics. The success of these new introductions bodes well for what Sachs has in store: rye and wheat whiskeys; Otay Buckwheat (not classified as a whiskey since it’s distilled from buckwheat, a pseudocereal); and grappa, made from Muscat grapes grown in the Finger Lakes region, a taste of which in all its sultry, floral beauty pays tribute to the tutelage of Bernardino and to the alchemical wizardry of Monte Sachs.
— Laura Silverman

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