Soft, smooth and straightforward, with flavors of maple, mint and honey.



Maple Old Fashioned

2oz Most Righteous Bourbon
3/4 oz Catskill Mountian Sugar House
Maple Syrup
2 dashes of Bitters

Muddle 1 piece lemon, 1 piece of orange w/ bitters and maple syrup. Add ice, pour 2 ounces of bourbon. Shake quickly; top off with splash of soda water, add cherry for garnish.

A gold medal for Most Righteous Bourbon from 50 Best for 2012

Tasting notes from 50 Best: “Most Righteous – (New York). Nose: Caramel, honey, molasses, vanilla, cream, fudge, citrus fruit, dried fruits, coconut, toast, hay. Palate: Butterscotch, dark chocolate, toffee, honey, molasses, cola, vanilla, orange, dried fruit, cinnamon, ginger, roasted peanuts, almond, touch of spice. Finish: Fresh, clean, soft, light, smooth, medium.” Read More

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