Bosco Monte Vecchio Grappa

Grappa is fragrant grape-based brandy, made by distilling pomace (skin, pulp and seeds) after pressing grapes. It was originally created around the 14th century as a way to use materials that otherwise would have been wasted, and grappa distillation methods first codified by Jesuit monks around 1600 were used until the 20th century. In the hands of creative distillers, what started out as a canny use of leftovers has become an epicurean delight. Ours is made from NY Muscat grapes grown in the Finger Lakes.


“Excellent, Highly Recommended” 91 point rating in the 2013 Ultimate Spirit Challenge
Ultimate Spirit Challenge tasting notes:

Clean and fresh aromas of lilies, natural spring water, and pears. Dry on the palate with a light and refreshing consistency. Flavors are clean and floral with earthy herbal undertones.

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